Stupidity Unchained -The Curious Saga Of Today’s Stock Market


The following is a guest post of sorts by Fred Carach, author of “Forty Years a Speculator“.  This article is re-posted with permission from Fred’s blog. As I contemplate fifty years in the blood-splattered arena that we call a stock market I realize that the game has never been more in my favor. Charlatans and buffoons have rigged a once sane market. It is a market where stupidity has been unchained. It is a most curious saga. I saw it all. I was there at the creation. The prevailing stupidities of today’s stock market are as follows: any stock that falls 10% must be sold immediately because it is going to zero. all stocks are generic clones of each other and therefore will go up and down together. a dangerous over … [Read more...]

A Whale Shark of an Opportunity


Years gone by, I had an memorable experience while scuba diving in the Maldive islands. The dive boat had dropped us off five of us divers, including my buddy, the dive instructor and a couple of German tourists on a reef complex off a tiny little island. At the end of the dive, while waiting for the boat to pick us up, I wasn’t too far away from the other divers, but totally engrossed in watching a school of colorful wrasses cavort around a fan of coral at about 10 or 15 feet depth.  Suddently, I heard “whoo-hoo” sounds, much like when someone is shouting underwater through a scuba regulator. My dive companions were trying to get my attention. I turned around, and was confronted by a huge open mouth that filled my entire … [Read more...]

A Weekly Roundup of Not-so-random Links

Random Doodle #16

It's that time of the week, highlighting news, snippets, articles and blog posts from around the web. Economics and Investing MoneyCone has written an excellent piece on beta and volatility – “Market Volatility, Can You Stomach It?” Beating The Index offers up the type of research and information that many retail investors pay through the nose for in the form of newsletters and alerts. Check out this article on a new oil play: “Alberta’s Red Earth Slave Point Formation Oil Play” and “A Difficult Market for Oil and Gas Stocks” Realized Returns:  Five Stock Market Mistakes to Avoid – know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. Passive Income Earner shares his monthly dividend income figures for … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Commit Career Suicide

Career Suicide

A post I ran across at Money Sanity (Top 10 Ways to Get Fired) prompted some thoughts and observations on the different ways I’ve seen and heard of people sabotaging their own careers. In no particular order: Repeatedly telling your boss that you deserve to have a better title.  Would that make your boss think you’re more concerned with appearance over substance. Calling a meeting with your boss and your bosses’ boss to complain how the department is run.  Self-explanatory. Telling your company that it’s “either he goes or I go” (er, it’s going to be you). Stealing. Losing your mind and trying to throttle one of your subordinates in a dispute. Out you go, slim. Stealing. Losing your mind and sending out … [Read more...]

Remote Gardening

Compost tower.  Reach for the sky, tomato plants!

  Last week I wrote about posting a picture of the compost tower I set up at Terra farms.  You can see from the picture that it's a simple six-foot high x 2 foot wide cylinder of wire fencing.  Filled with hay and eventually green grass cuttings, the theory is that it will slowly compost and leach nutrients into the surrounding soil.  Planting a few vining plants around its sides will take advantage of the increased soil fertility around the base of the "tower", as they climb up for support.   Three weeks ago I planted a couple of tomato plants (Gold Medal and Costoluto Genovese) on the south and east sides. I was a little early, and eager as usual.  We went back last week to find nary a trace of them.  Either cut worms or … [Read more...]

Career Tips Six, Seven and Eight

Just carrying on with this series, miscellaneous topics of advice for young folks just starting out in their careers --- and sometimes meant as advice for a younger self. Procrastination Sucks Not that I’m as pure as the driven snow when it comes to putting off unpleasant or uninteresting tasks.  Unfortunately, assignments or projects left undone don’t get better with time.  In fact, they have the potential to ripen quite nicely into a seething mass of sewage, and piss off your boss to boot.    The consequences of inaction can and will have long-term toxic effects on your career. On some long term projects, it might be easier to pluck one feather at a time.  Here’s what works for me:  get you a week-at-a-glance agenda. … [Read more...]

Penny Mining Stocks: The Value of Information

Constantine's Stock Chart, courtesy of the Toronto Stock Exchange website

Spend any time traipsing around this blog, it’s evident that I write quite a bit on speculating on penny mining stocks, and sharing my stock trades with the Centavos Model Portfolio.   I’ve been asked a couple of times by readers about writing a primer on this subject, and frankly, it’s such a large subject, it’s hard to know where to start. Perhaps it’s best to treat it like eating an elephant, one bite at a time. I was listening to a podcast interview the other day, where some resource investment guru was being interviewed on the subject of picking the next great gold/silver producer. The inevitable comment came that of the 2,000-plus natural resource companies active in listed on the Canadian exchanges, only a very … [Read more...]

Random Links for Last Week

Plans for the boys' activities this coming weekend

I’ve been fairly busy with spring gardening activities and a couple of home projects (tearing out old carpet for one), and as a result, this blog has suffered.  Predictably, my Alexa ranking has been bouncing around the 121K to 119K mark, frustratingly up and down.  This morning it’s at 118K, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it  to see it back up over 120K by lunchtime.   Just a question of hydraulics, there’s only so much time and effort.  Nevertheless, I did keep my toes in by following several blogs around the financial blog-o-sphere. Beating the Index has a thorough review on Hyperion Energy.  Unfortunately, this Canadian stock is not available with an equivalent symbol on the pink sheets. Beating the Index’s … [Read more...]

Reviewing Spring Gardening Goals

Hardening off seedlings

Taking some inspiration from some other financial bloggers, it’s time to re-visit some goals for 2011 I wrote down earlier this year as part of a writing challenge thrown down by First Gen American. The theme was to write these goals using 5 S’s.  Mine were related to gardening: “Five S’s for the 2011 Spring Garden” First resolution was Seeds and Seedlings. Basically, start enough plants from seeds instead of purchasing plants from big box stores, and get them going early in a germinating station and an outside cold frame.   I’ll give me a score of 75% on this one.  Yes on indoor germinating, yes on not buying plant, not so good on the cold frame.  In my defense, I realized I don’t really have room in the back … [Read more...]

Gas Prices, Spreadsheet Geekery, and Last Week’s Recommended Links

The USA Financial Service Fleet

A recent conversation with a neighbor inspired me to dig up and update an old spreadsheet on our gas mileage and consumption. My neighbor suggested installing a K & N Air Filter to our cars for at least a two mile-per-gallon improvement.  A Tornado mixer would add another 2 mpg.  He’s installed them on all four of his family vehicles, and swears by the results.  Given that he’s a confirmed gear-head, able to magically rebuild and restore vehicles from the ground up, I listened closely, and planned accordingly. Back to the spreadsheet. Basically, it tracks the incremental costs we face with our two-vehicle “fleet” when gas prices jump from say, $2.49 to $2.79, or to the current $3.39. The end result is that we … [Read more...]