Why Are Europeans So Skinny?

Crappy Breakfast Foods in Italy.... at least it's in English

Why are Europeans so skinny.  Or rather, why are Italians so skinny? Breaking it down outline style, in no particular order. 1. more walking 2. better food 3. light breakfasts, massive lunches, light dinners 4. less sodas, more fizzy water 5. less snacking 6. smaller portion sizes 7. less hard-core drinking 8. frenetic arm-waving in casual conversation 9. Energetic tax evasion 10. Making da love all da time More walking... Italian towns are teeny tiny, and parking is at a premium. During morning errands, we parked and left our car in one spot. Walk to the bar (cappuccino time!), walk to the bank, the laundry, the newspaper stand, the hardware store, up the hill to the grocery store, and back to the car laden with the … [Read more...]

More Random Tips for the Kitchen

mmmm... Lard!!

Yet another recycled post while we're away galavanting around Europe. This one originally published in November 2010. More random tips for the kitchen: (1) Forget the salad spinner. It just takes up space in your cabinets.  Rinse the greens in a regular colander, then place them on a clean kitchen towel.  Take it outside and vigorously spin it around, or "whip it" up and down.   Centrifugal force will do its job and get all the water off.   If you have any guests outside, or your spouse standing guard in front of the BBQ, try to get them with the spray arc.  General hilarity and/or food fights will ensue. (2) A small 6" cast iron skillet is best for making a quick frittata.  In sequence:  set the oven to broil "lo", whip … [Read more...]

What You Know Ain’t So

The Norse god Odin enthroned, flanked by his two wolfs, Geri and Freki, and his two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, and holding his spear Gungnir (Any God with a pet name for a bitchin' spear is jus daring to call him a "myth".... g'head)

Or rather, what you know may not necessarily be so. Conventional wisdom has a conventional way of being frequently turned on its head.  Myths get busted, urban legends get Snoped, and "everybody knows" turns out to be a "hey, whaddaya know!" When your mouthy, know-it-all relative opines that fill-in-the-blank is true, check your facts. Coffee's bad for you, no it's good for you. Eating meat is bad for your colon and the planet, so go vegetarian.  Still much better yet, go vegan.  Or swing the other way, forget about grains and go paleo. Second Hand Smoke is BAD, heinously horrible, so lethal that some California town legislators, always at the forefront of legislative foolishness, are seeing fit to BAN its very presence in … [Read more...]

How To Painfully Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year

"Eat All you Want" ?  Sure, but it'll cost you money....

While we're off on vacation, I'm recycling/re-branding/editing some old posts. This one was originally posted on November 6th, 2010. Save hundreds a year, eh? How? Eat less. Simple enough, right? Food costs money, and fatties put away way more pumpkin pie and buttered sweet potato casseroles than the trim and slim.   On average, about 1,000 calories more each and every day. It's all in the numbers. A moderately active 180-lb male needs about 2,700 calories/day, a moderately active 120-lb female 1,440 (source: University of Maryland Heart Center). A rotund and moderately inactive 275-lb male needs 3,575 calories, while a rubenesquely sedentary  175-lb female would need 1,750 calories per day. The daily calorie … [Read more...]