Wednesday Morning Fish Wrap: Fried Fish

fried fish

The Fish Wrap: an infrequent hodge-podge of interesting articles and tidbits, loosely based around personal finance, investing, news and/or food blogs. Might be perhaps arranged by topic, or not. This time, actually features a photo of newspaper and fried fish. And a recipe for fried fish, just for consistency. Steve Jobs is not your friend. Throw away that Star Wars T-shirt.  Read how the top CEOs in Silicon Valley have colluded to keep down engineering wages. What douchebaggery. The post title makes no bones about the sentiment: "Why George Lucas, Eric Schmidt, (and yes, Steve Jobs) Should Go to Jail: Conspiring to Reduce Wages of 100,000 Tech Pros". Anti-trust laws are for the little people, aren't they? In post entirely suited … [Read more...]

Investing in marijuana stocks: consider your mellow harshed

marijuana stocks

With legalization of pot picking up a head of smoke steam all across the States, it behooves us to take a closer look at what's out there in terms of budding investments, which are safer than growing a patch of C. Sativa in the backyard.  Federales aren't going to bust down your door at 2 a.m. looking for stock certificates (not yet, at least). The title of this post isn't totally original, by the way.  "Consider your buzz harshed" was the closing sentence in a  Cracked magazine article, on four (count them, four) reasons legalized pot is still kind of a bummer: - You can't get high in public places - You can still be fired from your job [if you test positive] - Banks won't touch money from marijuana businesses [1] - You can still … [Read more...]

Coffee Break: Nu Skin Gets Flayed in China

"Laurette with a coffee cup" - Henri Matisse  (Laurette was quite the saucy little maid!)

    An irregular enough series here on USA Financial Service. A collection of short blog posts dredged up from half-finished ideas in the Drafts file, thrown up against the wall in between bursts of sparkling creativity and complete blockage, marking time between longer and better-crafted blog posts. Other examples of 101C coffee breaks can be found here and here. Small wonder finance types are booo-ring, what with the dry-as-dust reportage in the major financial news media. Nu Skin got the Chinese foreign-devil treatment the other day, beaten like a red-headed, drum-shaped stepchild, and all the major outlets could come up with was: Financial Times: China investigates US's Nu Skin over pyramid scheme … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Fish Wrap: The Fascinating Topics of Nitrogen Fixing, Vetch and Green Manure

Don't let it's pretty flowers fool you... it grows like the dickens*

The Fish Wrap: an irregularly recurring mishmash of interesting articles and tidbits, themed around personal finance and investing blogs. A carnival of sorts, perhaps arranged by topic, and curated with questionable editorial standards. Occasionally, big ten-dollar words are used For gardeners, vetch is a pain-in-rear-end weed: a prolific proliferant that profusely procreates in your garden patch. It grows so quick in the spring as to overshadow your previous seedlings, and make a mess of your carefully laid out plans. Take heart: as we've said many times in the gardening section of this blog, a weed is just a plant out of place. For starters, vetch sets out pretty purple flowers, which attract insects. Some of them will be beneficial … [Read more...]

Try some British Food. Tastes Just Like Chicken.

british food

Here's what not to say to your hired car driver in jolly old England: "You know, nobody ever says: hey, let's go out for British food! I've been here over a dozen times, and never really had decent British food." Such was the words blurted out by one American colleague from the backseat peanut gallery during last week's trip. Discussing dinner options shouldn't be a cultural minefield, but there it was. The driver - let's call him Lance, because that was his name - displayed the self-control and perfectly stiff upper lip for which the English are renowned, and only mildly opined that some pub food is better than others, and shepherd's pie at the Spotted Cow was quite good, what? Only a tightening of the jaw line and clenching of … [Read more...]

In The Kitchen: Rub-a-dub-dub, Let’s Smoke Some Ribs

icy covered BBQ grill

  Nothing better than a rack of pork ribs slow-smoked to perfection. Or at least, good enough to chow down on, with good beer and good company. So, let's smoke some ribs. Here at Casa USA Financial Service we don't (yet) have a true smoker with a separate fire-box for the fancy hardwood. No fancy electric convection smoker, no "outdoor kichen" built-ins. Just a regular ol' grill, made the old-fashioned way by Chinese prison and/or child labor. Even though the grill was out of commission for a couple days during December's "polar vortex" cold snap, as long as we're a few degrees above zero and the wind chill is manageable, it's smoking/BBQ/grilling time! First up, the rub: just equal parts freshly ground black pepper, kosher … [Read more...]

The Stock Market Is STILL Stupid And Irrational

met Sheri McCoy, the new CEO

The "rational market" myth is a favorite whipping boy for pundits, experts and web editors in dire need of content. Easy to whip out 500 words equating the silliness of human emotional decisions with the wild swings of the purportedly efficient market. We're no different here at 101C. Between packing for next week's trip to fish-and-chips territory and sundry other schedule-suckers, time's at a premium, so here we are. The last time we ran with a post title like this, it was on the moronitude of KiOR and cellulosic ethanol. This time we'll go with Avon and Nuskin. We last saw Avon (NYSE: AVP) in "Dogs of the Dow? This Stock Is One Sick Puppy". The need to check in with Avon has been poking its snout around the corner like a dog … [Read more...]

Mid-Week Fish Wrap: Shhh, someone’s listening and/or watching


  The Fish Wrap: an irregularly recurring mashup of interesting articles and tidbits, occasionally themed around economics and from personal finance blogs. A carnival of sorts, maybe arranged by topic, and suffering from lax editorial standards. Does the fact that someone's watching over your shoulder alter your behavior?  How about a creepy neighbor and a pair of binoculars? In my day job, we test welds on steel pressure welds at a specified percentage, depending on the interpretation of a particular code. A pipe weld which is radio-graphically tested at 5% or 10% may look a little ratty, since visual appearances are not objective acceptance criteria, and still pass x-ray. But change the testing specification to 100% … [Read more...]

Joining a Gym? Why? Stay Home Instead

paleo gym

It's that time of the year, when new and uncomfortable jelly rolls and muffin tops prompt New Year resolutions to be a slimmer, fitter and more better human being.  Joining a gym seems the right thing to do, doesn't it? Please, stop it. Do yourself a favor, and step away from the best of intentions.  There's whole roads paved with them, all leading to fairyland where shiny happy people with perfectly toned arms and razor-cut six-packs frolic in leafy glades. We've heard this song before: the first quarter of the year is filled with grunting and straining 3-4 times a week, with middling results--maybe 10 pounds or so shaved off that rear end. Q2 is maintenance, and Q3 and Q4 are back to well-meaning intentions, but gosh, we're so … [Read more...]

Jumping Off the Organic Bandwagon

organic food

The following is a guest post from Kelly Kehoe.  One of Kelly's New Year resolutions is to eat more vegetables. The organic revolution sweeping across the global food marketplace has posed both exciting breakthroughs and disappointing consequences in terms of how we humans (and even our domesticated animals in some cases) consume food. On one hand, our freedom to choose has never been greater and those of us privileged enough to live in a country where food is plentiful have the choice between the genetically modified foods that corporate giants such as Monsanto are pushing into grocery stores or organically grown foods. Several countries in Europe have gone as far as banning genetically modified crops altogether and there are … [Read more...]