Gardening Odds and Ends

IMG-20140423-00162 chives

"A weed is just a plant out of place". An oft-repeated aphorisms from a gardening mentor which also neatly fits into organizational theory: non-performing team members just who just haven't found their niche or unique role as an individual contributor. Either the plant (or he/she) gets pulled up by the roots (fired/termed/seek new opportunities/make new friends/whacked) and tossed on the compost pile, or gently removed to a garden spot more congenial to its purpose (re-assigned to new and exciting projects!!)     What's not to like about chive blossoms? Grab a few, break them up a little, and toss them on whatever you want to taste like a garlic/onion combo: a salad, an egg tart, or an open face sandwich.   A … [Read more...]

Don’t Misunderestimate the Salescallsiness of a Job Inteview (Career Tip Number 20)

CHEESY SALESMAN ALSO 443087220_a33182667f_o

That's right, salescallsiness [1]. Not entirely a proper word, but it conveys the urgency  and passion that candidates should feel when they're sitting across the table from *any* prospective employer, be it a company looking to hire, or a prospective customer looking to hire their services[2]. The listless salesperson will be vanquished by the one with zeal and passion.  The unprepared by the prepared.  And the indifferent by the one who engages the prospect and stokes their interest.  Remember  A=attention, I=Interest, D=Decision and A=Action? Picture this: a candidate travels all the way across North America to a job interview for a six-figure professional position.  Does she take notes? Does she ask thoughtful, … [Read more...]