So what’s it about?

Why the goofy blog title and overlong tag line?

The title first.

Comes straight from very old (and late) friend.   Bobby lived in the Philippines, an American expatriate with a Filipino wife and lots of kids.  Bobby was involved in several little businesses. Making knit glves for a multinational garment company, a sari-sari corner store, a couple of trikes, and even a home canning cottage industry.   He liked to say that he wasn’t interested in making just a peso, instead he wanted to make a hundred and one centavos (Boom!).  By that he meant having lots of little sources of income, each contributing just a little bit more. Bobby has passed on now, and this little gem of a saying is one of the things I remember best about him.

But let’s say that “a hundred and one centavos” is not just about making money from side gigs.  It’s also about an incrementalist, additive approach to some of life’s issues and challenges.  Need to lose weight?  Try to change one very small thing (like your breakfast menu), and stick with with it, day after day. Need to complete a project? Do five or ten or fifteen minutes a day, or a week. Pretty soon, you’re some ways down the road, with measurable progress. Then, another small change.

Well then, what to write about?

Just about anything I can be wordy on.  Like it says on the masthead, a few topics of interest, such as:

Saving and Investing.  Mostly the standard personal finance tropes, but here and there some unconventional topics like investing in guns and the parallels between fish oil and thirty-year mortgages (it works, read the article), the occasional stupidity of the stock markets, NOT investing in underwear, and Redneck Dividends. And chocolate. Like bacon, chocolate is always good.  (the posts on Redneck dividend investing was a popular one… make sure you check out the second installment.  Stay tuned, and there might be a third or fourth)

Gardening, as one saying goes, is a gateway drug… to more gardening.  Start with a few tomato plants in a container, next thing you know you’re a few years down the (garden) path and planting obscure things like ground cherries, purple tomatillos and red corn, and obsessing over average frost dates.  So, here on this blog ostensibly geared towards personal finance and trael, you’ll also find a few posts for beginners on building raised garden beds, advanced topics like permaculture, producing no waste with vermicomposting, and even  gardening for zombies.

The silliness that is modern politics Politics.  What to say about a system that works through corrupt crony capitalism (Sallie Mae really is a tramp) to produce higher gas prices,  tries to highjack 401(k) accounts and steadily chips away at civil liberties?  All in the noble pursuit of the common good, but of course.  It’s the occasional work of rant and ridicule, just to spice it up.

 Travel is either an adventure or a chore. Or in the case of business travel, it just is.  I  travel quite a bit for work. Sometimes it’s tolerable, to great places like Italy, China, Luxembourg and Brazil.  And other times, you just steal stuff from hotel rooms, and wonder what the heck is up with this toilet-slash-bidet.  Is it a boilet, or a toidet?

Occasionally, the topics cross-pollinate, which explains titles like “Garlic Futures and Garlic Fail” and “Investing in Obamacare…”.

Feel free to drop me an email at couponinglives (at) gmail (dot) com if you  have a question about anything I’ve written on this site, or want further information.  I may or may not answer.  Standard disclaimers apply, any info or advice provided is for entertainment, amusement, curiosity, or time-wasting purposes only.  Don’t run with this information and scissors at the same time.  Don’t take any wooden nickels.  Go out and make your own mistakes.



  1. You have a very nice blog. Actually I also run on Magazine basic. All the best for the yakezie challenge
    SB(One Cent At A Time) recently posted..Why This Blog Is Named One Cent At A Time

  2. Love the title/concept of the blog. A good memory to your friend.
    Monevator recently posted..Weekend reading: Lose the ‘lost decade’

  3. I follow PHO and PIO on my watch list because of the long term concept of water scarcity. If fact I have owned PHO in the Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP)at times and done very well with it. The AAAMP does NOT own either ETF now because, as you point out, the valuations of the stocks in the portoflios are too high. However, these are excellent ETFs for a watch list. Thanks for the excellent post!
    Ken Faulkenberry recently posted..Should You Buy Government Savings I-Bonds?

  4. What a great way to honor your friend. I enjoy reading about the authors. Italian hmm, you ever made Greens, they are made out of escarole.

  5. Great blog. Looking forward to some more italian recipes. I lived there for a couple years and have missed the food dearly. I also might steal your run with scissors line…
    Jake recently posted..Bank On Yourself

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