How About That Australian Real Estate Market?

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Besides Margot Robbie, Miranda Kerr, and the searing midday sun in the outback, the other HOT thing about Australia is real estate market. (now, there's four things that may not necessarily be found in the same sentence in your regular mainstream newspaper - even Aussie ones). A good stable capitalist economic environment, strong property rights and rule of law, and good beer foster a pleasant living environment.  Basic fundamentals for brick and mortar.  Add in strong population growth through immigration, low interest rates since 2008, strong government controls on releasing new land to development (think Nevada and the San Francisco Bay Area) and in some cities, regulations aimed at preventing higher density land use, and there you … [Read more...]

Long-term Investment versus the Quick Buck


For most people, investing in the stock market seems like a glorified form of gambling. According to John Studzinski, this may be because they don’t understand how to invest in order to grow their money. There are high-risk investments that could double your money in a few months, but they can lure you into making impulsive buys that end up being big mistakes. However, there are a few tips that will help even small investors increase their earnings. Before You Start Even if you invest a little, if you watch it closely, you will end up with more money than when you started. You need to be willing to take some risk compared to leaving it in a savings account, and it is recommended to have an emergency fund set aside that will cover … [Read more...]

Are You Too Old to Take Out Life Insurance?

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his isn’t a straightforward question, because the answer is often going to depend on your personal circumstances. If you do reach an advanced age, and you haven’t got any life insurance, then you need to think about if you really need it, keep reading at HBF. Generally speaking it’s better to take out life insurance when you are younger as the premiums are more affordable and you will have less problems applying for a policy. That being said, not everyone needs a policy when they are younger. If you don’t have any dependents then there may not be anybody to benefit from your life insurance. It may be that you acquire dependents later on in life and that you suddenly find yourself in a position where life insurance is a … [Read more...]

Tips on Choosing a Point of Sale Terminal for Your Business

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  A point of sale terminal is a necessity for any retail company if it plans to be efficient. There are a large amount of offerings from many different companies. Certain offers, such as those from Shopify address a particular need in the business. Other companies try to cover more ground, offering a wide range of products, but allowing you to choose which one suits your business the best. By and large, not a small undertaking for the profit-minded entrepreneur.  You have to take time in considering what point of sale solution would be best for your business based on a number of different factors such as: What does the Business Need? A needs assessment in terms of what the company requires from a point of sale system is your … [Read more...]

Should you consider Buying Life Insurance for a Child?

"The Sick Child" - Edvard Munch, 1885-86

  Indeed, should one think about life insurance for their children?  Well, if you do have any cash to spare though then life insurance for your child is certainly something you can consider for various reasons.  ( more at ABL ) Your child may become ill later in life You probably don’t want to think of it as a possibility but the sad fact is that previously healthy children can encounter health problems as they get older. Once a life insurance policy is in place it will not be cancelled so this may be a very valuable lifeline for a child who would struggle to get life insurance in adulthood, due to heath issues. Of course this is only going to apply if you purchase whole life insurance for your child and you have to … [Read more...]

Five Essential Moves when Starting an Online Store


As the US economy improves consumer confidence is rising along with it, according to Internet Retailer, with 87 percent of consumers planning to shop online about the same or more than they did in 2013. With 91 percent of those shoppers purchasing small ticket items - typically classed as purchases under $500 - there is plenty of room at all levels for an online retailer to find a comfortable niche. Whether you are showcasing your own handcrafted products or importing and wholesaling to other businesses or anything in between, there are some tips and tricks to smooth eCommerce launches. Getting Ready to Launch Opening a new business takes a lot of preparation, and even if you're still waiting for various permits, certifications, and … [Read more...]

Finding Work as Stay-at-Home Parents

Working from home: pajamas optional

Earning side money for a for a mom or dad that is staying at home with kids is a great way to balance the personal and professional side, as well as a way to earn good money without having to leave home. You can either look for jobs by location or by field of interest, but best be prepared for the many obstacles and potential scams along the way. Start with skills you have One of the most obvious ways to find a telecommuting position is concentrating on your past expertise, and how well that fits  with an unsupervised, remote worker application.   In today’s market there are many career fields that are suitable for remote workers, such as some aspects of  public relations, freelance writing, bookkeeping, tax accounting, programming … [Read more...]

Using Social Media To Improve Your Career

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For a change, alternate content from Brittany: Tight job markets with a focus on practical skills can stunt career growth. Beyond niche fields, such as IT or healthcare, setting your skills apart may be difficult. A glut of resumes on job boards make it tough to be noticed. Meanwhile, ‘contacts’ may have limited influence on hiring or other opportunities. So, what are some options to set you apart from the job-seeking multitudes? Leveraging social media is a time and cost efficient solution. Our personal Facebook posts, tweets or Pinterest pics can spill over into professional life. Social media offers several ways to manage your reputation and showcase skills. Here are some social media strategies to think about: Create a … [Read more...]

Biggest mistakes to avoid when strategy trading

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There are arguments for and against strategy trading. Some traders swear by it, some won’t touch it. Here, right here in this very artice, we are going to look at the benefits of strategy trading, how to avoid the biggest mistakes when strategy trading, and how to find the right strategy for you. What is strategy trading? A trader who uses strategy trading uses a predefined plan or a trading strategy to decide when to enter and exit the markets. If it is to be successful, the trading strategy must be well-researched and tested. Etrade can give you a share trading account that you can access from anywhere you have an internet connection, check out their site to get started. Jack Schwager, author of Market Wizards, The New Market … [Read more...]

Jumping Off the Organic Bandwagon

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The following is a guest post from Kelly Kehoe.  One of Kelly's New Year resolutions is to eat more vegetables. The organic revolution sweeping across the global food marketplace has posed both exciting breakthroughs and disappointing consequences in terms of how we humans (and even our domesticated animals in some cases) consume food. On one hand, our freedom to choose has never been greater and those of us privileged enough to live in a country where food is plentiful have the choice between the genetically modified foods that corporate giants such as Monsanto are pushing into grocery stores or organically grown foods. Several countries in Europe have gone as far as banning genetically modified crops altogether and there are … [Read more...]