Basic Home Security

Police Chief William Desmond's collection of burglars' tools and criminal curios displayed at the 1904 World's Fair.

The following is a guest post from Noel Everyone knows a story or two about a brazen thief grabbing valuables from an open garage, or cleaning out Aunt Bessie's silver set and family jewels.  Could even happen to you. Online advice on the best way to protect your castle is plentiful. As a concerned homeowner, finding a few tips to protect your home isn't that hard. All it takes is a computer and a  and as a concerned homeowner, you Home security systems Is a security system an absolute must?  Depends.  If you got nothing worth stealing, might not be worth the trouble.  If you live in a pricey neighborhood, a nice sign alarm company sign in the front yard and plugged-in alarm system gives peace of mind. Knowing Thy … [Read more...]

Practical Home Security

Seemingly unrelated picture of Deacon Brodie (*)  See further down below.

I liked this post from Sunil @ the Extra Money Blog: "I am Buying a Gun to Protect My Home and Assets".  Buying a firearm for the first time carries some weighty considerations, but Sunil is going about it in a quite methodical fashion.  He's considering costs, and most importantly, getting trained in how to properly shoot in a self-defense situation. Being safe and secure in our own home is something that often takes a backseat to other worries, but all it takes is one close call to catapult to the top of the list. I'm a big fan of the Second Amendment and the freedom that it preserves, the inalienable right to defend oneself. I like guns, I have a few of them, and quite like to shoot target and trap at the local range once in a … [Read more...]

Situational Awareness

Security is a broad topic in the PF world:  how to guard against scams and fraud, financial security in retirement years, and being secure in our data storage and passwords. One area that gets only sometimes talked about see is security in our persons and home. Situational or situation awareness could be strictly defined as knowing where you are, where you're going and who is around you. I tend to be fairly aware of my surroundings, especially in public places where there's a potential for a snatch-and-grab or a light-fingered pickpocket to ply his skills, or worse.  Perhaps that comes from having lived in some not-so-benign urban environments. Apple Smuggling Coming back from Korea last month, I had the numskull-edness to bring … [Read more...]

A Couple Tips on Personal Security While Traveling

Back When Luggage Didn't Have Wheels --- Image from Flikr Commons

Having been a road warrior in the past, and even now traveling outside the country a few times a year, I tend to pay some attention to personal security.  Here's a couple of idea to keep you and your property safer while on the move. Tag, You're It Generally a bad idea to keep your identity in plain view when traveling.  A few years ago, I was standing in line waiting to board the plane, behind a professional-looking businessman.  He was dragging behind him one of those gigantic rolling briefcases.  Even though I’d never met him before, I casually said “Hey, how you doing, Keith?”  He half-turned and looked at me with a surprised, do-I-know you look.  Before he could go any further into an awkward moment, I pointed to the very … [Read more...]