Top 10 holiday destinations for 2017

Your typical Uruguayan beach scene

People with traveling-abroad inclinations are just now be beginning to dream/plan their 2015 adventures, but what are the must-visit destinations for this year? 1. New Zealand A literal end-of-the-world destination, considering the flight time. This land of the endangered flightless parrot is rated highly by on the travel boards. Undoubtedly, that its status as *the* Lord of the Rings location has helped with tourism, at least with LOTR cosplayers with airfare money to burn. However the unspoilt wilderness to be found outside of the main cities makes for a great off-season adventure destination. 2. Bali This is a beautiful and affordable destination with plenty of beach bungalow rental opportunities. From sun-kissed beaches to … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas to All

The Nativity - Andrea Mantegna - c. 1490

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