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  1. Good morning! I am such a dummy and forgot about the wordpress transition. I kept stopping by the wordpress site and it was still airline tips.

    Anyway, I went to comment today and on my browser, your comment box is overlaying the last paragraph of your post. Just thought you would want to know!


  2. I think I fixed it now. There was something screwy with that post, and the only way to make it right was to delete the old post and make a new one. Thanks for pointing it out, I might have never caught it.

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  4. Hey! I guess I was late to the party in finding via Yakezie that you were next to host the MUM guys’ next Carnival. If it’s too late to be considered I totally understand. If you feel inclined I’ve added a link to one of my posts that I think would be a good fit for the carnival. If not no worries :) Thanks for the consideration.


    Nunzio Bruno recently posted..Facebook Users Don’t Drink Heavy Beer!

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