Biggest mistakes to avoid when strategy trading

Medieval stocks at Wadsley Jack Public house, Wadsley, Sheffield - by Mick  Knapton

There are arguments for and against strategy trading. Some traders swear by it, some won’t touch it. Here, right here in this very artice, we are going to look at the benefits of strategy trading, how to avoid the biggest mistakes when strategy trading, and how to find the right strategy for you. What is strategy trading? A trader who uses strategy trading uses a predefined plan or a trading strategy to decide when to enter and exit the markets. If it is to be successful, the trading strategy must be well-researched and tested. Etrade can give you a share trading account that you can access from anywhere you have an internet connection, check out their site to get started. Jack Schwager, author of Market Wizards, The New Market … [Read more...]

Jumping Off the Organic Bandwagon

organic food

The following is a guest post from Kelly Kehoe.  One of Kelly's New Year resolutions is to eat more vegetables. The organic revolution sweeping across the global food marketplace has posed both exciting breakthroughs and disappointing consequences in terms of how we humans (and even our domesticated animals in some cases) consume food. On one hand, our freedom to choose has never been greater and those of us privileged enough to live in a country where food is plentiful have the choice between the genetically modified foods that corporate giants such as Monsanto are pushing into grocery stores or organically grown foods. Several countries in Europe have gone as far as banning genetically modified crops altogether and there are … [Read more...]

Basic Home Security

Police Chief William Desmond's collection of burglars' tools and criminal curios displayed at the 1904 World's Fair.

The following is a guest post from Noel Everyone knows a story or two about a brazen thief grabbing valuables from an open garage, or cleaning out Aunt Bessie's silver set and family jewels.  Could even happen to you. Online advice on the best way to protect your castle is plentiful. As a concerned homeowner, finding a few tips to protect your home isn't that hard. All it takes is a computer and a  and as a concerned homeowner, you Home security systems Is a security system an absolute must?  Depends.  If you got nothing worth stealing, might not be worth the trouble.  If you live in a pricey neighborhood, a nice sign alarm company sign in the front yard and plugged-in alarm system gives peace of mind. Knowing Thy … [Read more...]

Investing in Foreign Countries


  When putting together an investment portfolio, a novice investor should ensure that he or she diversifies the assets making up that portfolio. Diversifying does not mean simply choosing different classes of asset – the most important thing is to diversify the risk. This can be done in a number of ways and it is wise to diversify by geography as well as by the type of investment itself. Why invest in foreign countries? A truly diverse portfolio will be made up of varied asset classes and different geographies. For example, an investment in a blue-chip U.S. company will have a very different risk profile than an investment in an Egyptian offshore oil company. Whilst the Egyptian investment is undoubtedly higher risk, this does not … [Read more...]

So You Want To Be A ForeEx Trader…

Rockin' it old-school style:  Nathan Mayer Rothschild, one of the original forex traders

    Trading in foreign currencies, or forex, as it's commonly known on the internet. Sit a computer terminal, invest a bit in trading software, track pips and bars and pennants, and eventually turn that $1,000 stake into a down payment on a Miami condo. Never mind about the fundamental underpinnings of currencies,  the economic health of sovereign entities that issue the currencies themselves.  Traders live for the minute or even the second, riding the trend on a leverage surfboard. Some advocates of trading in foreign currencies (what a term - all currencies are foreign to someone) are dedicated chartists, practitioners of that seemingly occult art of technical chart analysis, replete with arcane incantations: … [Read more...]

Basics of Home Security


The following guest post is by SimpliSafe Security Systems. Shame that many of us live in settings where home burglaries, or worse, home invasions are a real threat. Moving out of a lousy neighborhood is no solution. Even though property crimes are higher in a less desirable zip code, criminals do know where to "shop", and go where the good stuff is. Home security and protection should be thought of as a rings in a perimeter of defense.  Static security (lights, doors, windows, alarms) will create an environment unfriendly to burglars, while some common sense habits will reinforce that perimeter. Good Practices There's static defense, and then there's good OPSEC, or operational security.  Simple rules to live by that just may … [Read more...]

Investment Trends for 2015


  As 2012 draws to a close, the temptation to try and predict next year’s financial highs and crushing lows is almost impossible to resist. Investors of all shapes and sizes share the desire for good returns on their money so, in the spirit of sharing, here’s what to expect in 2013. Precious metals Gold, as ever, will continue doing its thing in 2013. Delegates attending the annual London Bullion Market Association predicted that the price of gold would rise by 7% to $1,849 a troy ounce by the time of the following year’s conference in September 2013. More interestingly, silver will begin to gain favour. The Thomson Reuters GFMS report predicts that silver prices will rise from around $30 to more than $50 an ounce. Copper is … [Read more...]

Grow Amaranth, Not Corn

Popping Amaranth (Amaranthus sp.)

The following is a guest post by Angie Picardo.   Corn-fed Americans. The oft-repeated moniker brings to mind strong, tall, and robust individuals, the likes of which should inspire awe. However, with obesity at an all-time high in the good ol’ US of A, it seems like we may be doing something wrong (perhaps the understatement of the century). Corn products are in nearly everything we eat, from corn meal to high-fructose corn syrup. And a trip across the country's vast midsection shows a vast array of nothing—except corn. So what’s the deal? Is corn a nutritionally or financially sound crop for the US? I say no. Instead, let’s grow amaranth. But before I go into the details of this wonderful plant, let’s really … [Read more...]

Risky risk factors for your investments

financial times

  The typical retail investor will normally prefer to invest through mutual funds or exchange traded funds.  In Modern Portfolio Theory, there are several risk factors that will determine how the fund’s performance measures up against broad or narrow market benchmarks.  Investors would be well served to have at least a passing familiarity with terms like alpha, beta, and R-Squared. Alpha Alpha is a risk-adjusted measure of the performance of an investment. Taking the volatility, or price risk, of a security and comparing this to a benchmark index gives you the ‘alpha’. In simple terms it is what has been added or lost from your investment’s return: a positive alpha of 1.0 means it has outperformed its benchmark index by … [Read more...]

You Say Debt Consolidation, I Say Individual Voluntary Arrangement

"Les compteurs d'argent" (ca 1575-1600)  - The Silver Buyers, Anonymous --- Museum of Fine Arts, Nancy, France

For individuals, it's debt consolidation, debt recovery, or credit repair. For large corporations and banks,  it's a slightly more benign debt restructuring.  Sounds like a home remodel. Governments playing fast and loose with other people's money instead get to call it a rescue package. It don't hardly seem fair... Each class of debt has its own peculiar lingo:   sovereign default, austerity measures, subordinated debentures, rescue packages, haircuts and bond vigilantes. In the Greek and Spanish debt crises, there are no villains, just perpetual victims.  And central banks riding in on white chargers, bearing sacks of a couple hundred billion euros. Let a large corporation get in debt trouble, and its bankers get … [Read more...]