The Amazing Profits of Payday Loan Companies (?)


Common sense would suggest that a lender charging interest rates of three to four hundred percent a year would soon amass the kind of fortune that Scrooge McDuck himself would envy. The way these companies are reviled in the commentariat of the mainstream media, we'd also expect the people who run these companies to be all top hat, cigar, red satin lined cape and twirling mustaches. After a hectic day of evicting widows and orphans from seedy tenement apartments,  these dastardly Snidely Whiplash characters might cap off the day by driving up to their storefronts in limousines to collect bags and bags of money (with the comical and obligatory big $ sign). Truth is, cash advance and payday loans are a business like any other, more … [Read more...]

Popular Myths on Auto Insurance

Unconfirmed if Bonnie Parker had auto insurance. Presumably not.

  This article brought to you by Insurance Hunter Next to a home, a vehicle is likely the common person's most valuable asset. Like a home, vehicle insurance expense is a major monthly expense. Very much unlike a home, car ownership carries significant risks of liability and negligence. Best to be prepared with the right kind of coverage. Part of being prepared is discounting popular myths and misconceptions. Many times debunked, yet more persistent and pernicious than crabgrass is the silly myth that the vehicle's color will impact insurance costs. Wrong. Insurance companies don't really care a whit about color, but more about year, make and model, and is it popular with thieves. A zippy red Mustang convertible will … [Read more...]

Why Green is the Way Forward for Your Business

Improving your environmental credentials is unlikely to be at the top of your to do list, but ‘going green’ can be a super smart move for any business. With the potential to save your business money and increase income, it’s worth giving some time and thought to why and how your business should be greener. Why Should I Go Green? There are many reasons why going green is good for business. Some are altruistic – we all know that we have a responsibility to protect the world’s natural resources. However, many more will have a direct positive effect on your business’s profitability. For example: Going Green Can Reduce Your Outgoings Going green can save your business money with immediate effect, and reducing energy … [Read more...]

The Changing Face of Wealth Management

Canary Wharf, UK (photo credit by WiN

The following is a guest post from Sungard APT The face of the wealth management industry is transforming in response to the challenges of volatile markets, greater expectations for transparency and a shifting client base. This is leading to new opportunities for financial institutions - and new complexities and challenges as well. Innovative wealth managers are looking for new ways to serve their customers, to differentiate themselves from their competitors and so to grow their businesses. What are the main factors driving this change and who are these new clients, and what characterizes the changing face of wealth management? The dynamic investment landscape Today’s environment sees investment options rapidly increasing, against … [Read more...]

Great tips on how to live your life after an accident at work

Minor injuries are classed as being non-life threatening injuries. They can however alter the way in which you live for several months or more! Injuries such as sprains, grazes, cuts, bruises, broken and fractured bones, bite wounds, food poisoning, slips, trips, falls and whiplash are all classed as minor injuries and all can generally be treated by your local accident and emergency department or your GP at your local surgery. Minor injuries can occur in a variety of places including on the road, in the work place, at home or otherwise in a public place. Despite being classed as minor, they can still prevent you from working for a certain period of time. Work could in fact become impossible until you are fully healed. Being out of … [Read more...]

Investors Use Spread Betting to Trade on the Falling Market

falling  market

The following is a guest post from City Index Last year (2011), a fall of 5.5% in the FTSE 100 occurred, seeing investors turn to spread betting in the hope of making a gain from the falling markets. Continuing through to 2012, as global stock indices continued to show signs of volatility, investors saw an opportunity to profit by spread betting on further misfortune and selling short on stocks and indices when they believed a short term fall in prices would occur. This tactic can still be considered somewhat difficult, with many investors minds ingrained in the notion that you can only make money in a bull market when prices are rising. Traders insist that there is money to be made from stocks prices that fall, as well as rise … [Read more...]

A Brief History of Insurance

The Clipper Ship "Flying Cloud" off the Needles, Isle of Wight, by James E. Buttersworth, 1859-60.

The need to protect ourselves against risks is one of the oldest and most primal instinct. From thorny kraals and fires to keep out prey animals at night, to having a rear guard to defend the supply wagon train from attack, humans have always sought to ensure safety and security. Insurance dates back to ancient Egypt, to 2,700 BC. Historians believe that guilds of stonemasons banded together to create a type of mutual assurance fund to cover their funerary expenses. There is similar recorded evidence of the assurance funds for masons in the the Roman Empire. The human endeavor most directly responsible for the development of risk insurance was surely maritime trade and navigation. Once early traders set sail in a hugely expensive … [Read more...]

4 Lessons Gardening Taught Me about Money


This is a Guest Post from Paula Pant at, the blog that teaches you to live richly + savor life. If you like this post, please Tweet it, Like it on Facebook, and Email it to your friends. I've always loved plants, but until recently I never knew a thing about them. I can't identify plant species, discuss the blooming cycle, or tell you about the conditions that would put plants at risk of infestations. For years, my bedroom -- in various apartments, across various cities -- would be covered in potted indoor plants I picked up from the local Target or Home Depot. Friends would tell me my room resembles a rainforest. Yet when they'd ask, "what kind of plant is that?," I'd simply shrug and reply: "Um, the … [Read more...]